With pain, comes lessons in disguise

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I’m 31 and am currently in my third serious relationship.

Some may say I’m a serial monogamist, but when it comes down to it, I’m a late bloomer. My first serious relationship began at 21 and lasted a little over 2 years.

The following double that amount and the current one I’m in is reaching the 2-year mark #milestones. As much as I wasn’t in as many relationships as most, I gained something far more valuable:

The longevity of each relationship allowed me to self-reflect and learn from the many mistakes I’ve made throughout the past decade…

Timeless advice from a renowned author

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Productivity is a very personal thing.

What may work for others, might not work for you.

Before going down the rabbit hole and taking in all the latest and greatest new methods from productivity gurus, take a step back and ask yourself:

Can I see myself applying this method on a daily basis?

Fluff-free advice from a humble writer who went against the grain

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Photo Courtesy: Sean Smith

When it comes to writing, everyone has their own advice to share.

From writing consistently to quality trumps quantity, a lot of it rings true but not enough to warrant any “aha moments”.

Enter: Michael Thompson, top Medium writer and career coach.

His insightful video interview for Story 2021, a two-week Digital Content Masterclass Series organized by Sean Smith, left me inspired and motivated to share his actionable advice.

In a sea of personal growth gurus promising life transformations, Michael goes against the grain by opening up about his…

Wisdom doesn’t always reveal itself through word of mouth.

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Losing my grandmother to COVID-19 last May took me by surprise.

One minute she was eating dinner with her Italian clan of the “Golden Girls” at the residence, the next she was fighting to hold on to her last breath.

Regardless of the virus taking her away from my family and I, she was a resilient woman with a captivating presence.

Who always had a way of making you smile just by being herself.

Despite suffering from Parkinson’s, she was still full of life and had wisdom to share.

Most of the time, her wisdom wasn’t shared through word of…

There’s always some good that comes from the bad

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For many, 2020 can be summed up in this meme:

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“Keeping calm and carrying on” isn’t as easy as it seems.

With all the uncertainty we’ve been facing this year, a lot of us are no stranger to anxiety.

As much as anxiety is a common feeling it doesn’t make it any less challenging.

For some, it’s unfamiliar territory that’s triggered by the fear of catching the Coronavirus.

For chronic worriers such as myself, it feels like a mosquito that simply won’t quit.

As much as anxiety can help us take action in life-threatening situations (like being chased down by an axe murderer or running out of a flaming building)…

Sweet dreams aren’t made of these

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A few weeks ago, my favourite author Mark Manson announced he was looking for a content assistant.

Without giving it a second thought, I immediately updated my CV, wrote a cover letter, sent in 3 of my best writing samples and applied.

Within a few days, I received this response:

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Happy Birthday

For over 20 years, we’ve shared birthday cakes side by side.

Our arms wrapped around each other, posing to look good in front of the camera.

A classic Italian cake for you, some variety of chocolate cake for me.

Even though you were from an entirely different generation, you carried a vibrancy like no other.

Breathing life in every song you sang and dance move you made.

Clapping and singing away to songs that reminded you of youthful years, music was your way of life.

So was passion.

From cooking delicious Sunday family lunches to bringing life back to fragile…

Finding a middle ground for working from home all while staying sane is key.

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If you’re working from home, you may view it as being both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because you’re grateful you’re still earning a full-time income in the comfort of your own home ( and hopefully being COVID-19 free).

A curse because you’re mentally drained from having to stay on track with your tasks all while keeping calm and carrying on during a worldwide pandemic.

After all, working full-time and being productive during these troubling times isn’t exactly a walk in the park (don’t…

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It’s not always full-blown panic mode

A degree of anxiety ensues when I find out that a new confirmed case exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus took the same bus as me at the same time a few days ago.

Down the rabbit hole, I go googling “ how long does coronavirus live on surfaces” only to find ambiguous answers that really don’t put my mind at ease.

Luckily, I’m fine.

In fact, I was more annoyed by the news of someone exhibiting symptoms and still travelling all across the city's underground metro system than I was scared.

For once in…

Andrea A

Content writer by day, pizza lover by night. Sharing all my “aha” moments, one story at a time.

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