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Hype at First Swipe: The Dark Side of Using Dating Apps

Andrea A


Chasing highs has never felt less gratifying.

Dating apps are like our favourite guilty pleasures: we know they’re bad for us, yet we can’t stay away from them.

We complain about them, share our bad experiences over drinks with our closest friends.

We convince ourselves we’re better off without the apps and take a much needed digital detox from them.

Only to reinstall them a month later and be back in the swiping game.

This pattern of behaviour continues on.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Einsten

Why is it that we put ourselves through this mental torture expecting the outcome to be different the second or third time around?

Short Answer: A desire for connection.

Maslow’s hierarchy shines a light on one of our fundamental needs for “love and belonging” aka- human connection.

With the dating landscape completely changing in this digital era, the days of forging connections in the offline realm are far and few in between.

As much as weddings, networking events or concerts provide an opportunity to bring like-minded people together, the…



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